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Installation and Permits

Sign Installation

At M&J we pride ourselves on making sure your sign is installed so that it has the biggest visual impact it possibly can. Whether we're putting a sign on a building or digging a hole for a whole new pole sign, our installation work is designed to last and to look great! Our fleet of cranes, bucket trucks and man-lifts can handle any situation, and we will make sure that your sign ends up exactly where you need it.

A Note on Electrical Connections:
Our installers will connect your sign to power if an ample, designated sign circuit exists within 10' of the sign's location. If one is not present, an electrician will have to provide one. M&J can subcontract an electrician, or work with your selected electrician if you prefer.


Different cities and towns within the states vary greatly in what they allow for signage - they sometimes vary from block to block! We understand that applying for a permit can be cumbersome; that is why we will handle the entire permitting acquisition process for you. Our knowledgeable staff has worked with governments for years and will work with the city, county, or state personnel to make sure your sign is fully permitted and completely legal.